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Better Email Security with Reflexion Total Control

Since online attacks including SPAM, phishing, viruses and malware are more prevalent than ever, it’s critical that you take the appropriate steps to safeguard your company. At Quality Computer Services, Inc. (QCSI) we use Reflexion Total Control (RTC) to assure your email is not vulnerable to security issues that could affect your business.

RTC is a managed email security service that blocks unwanted mail, such as spam, viruses and directory harvesting and denial of service (DoS) attacks, and makes phishing attacks self-evident. While it keeps the dangerous stuff away, it assures the delivery of email you want, providing a new way to judge a message’s legitimacy and giving you tools to preserve the long-term integrity of your email address.

Take Back Control of Your Inbox

Reflexion’s exceptional degree of control is achieved by combining its unique capabilities with traditional defenses, such as Allow Lists, Block Lists, and content filtering, based on your preferences. Research shows that Reflexion’s blended defense-in-depth can improve the effectiveness of traditional techniques by one to two orders of magnitude.

When other systems fail in responding to the latest spammer exploits, Reflexion has more to offer, with Address-on-the-Fly™ (AOTF), Protective Addresses™, and Permitted Language and Permitted Country capabilities. The Permitted Language and Country capabilities blocks significant amounts of spam by ensuring you never receive email in languages you can’t speak or from countries outside your geographic area of operation.

Why Use Reflexion Total Control? 

 Primary address protection

 Lowest false-positive rate

 Detects address sharing

 User controlled inbox access

 Track marketing campaigns

 Managed service solution

 Flexible subscription model

 Bandwidth savings

 Protects your email server

Completely transparent

 Maintenance Free

 Blocks spam in any language

Take Control Address on the Fly

Address On the Fly™

With Address On the Fly, your primary email address is never exposed.

Address On the Fly™ allows you to create a new email address for disclosure on the web or over the phone. These addresses take the form of your primary email name plus a suffix of your choosing. For example, to register for an eWeek newsletter, an employee named Julie Smith might create the address: “” Similarly, when talking with a client, Julie might disclose the address “” In both cases, incoming email will be processed by Reflexion Total Control and delivered to Julie’s inbox, along with all of her other email.

Always Experience Continuity

Finally, Reflexion provides email continuity. It queues your inbound email when your local server experiences an outage. And through outbound email filtering, it helps prevent you and your employees from inadvertently spamming your customers, partners, and suppliers.

Experience Continuity

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