Protect Your Company from Online Threats

Email is one of the most valuable assets for running your company. But if you are not protecting your primary mode of communication, you leave yourself vulnerable to cyber-attacks such as spam, phishing, viruses, and malware.

Let Quality Computer Services, Inc. (QCSI) provide you with a solution so that you can focus on your business. We provide cloud-based SPAM filtering and email archiving through Reflexion. SPAM is quarantined before it even reaches your network while our email archiving system provides you with offsite protection for email that must be saved for compliance. Reflexion’s hosted solution is particularly appealing if you want a simple, no-maintenance solution to protect your inboxes from email-borne malware.

Advantages of Reflexion email spam and filtering solutions include:

✓ Blocking spam and viruses before reaching your network
✓ Reducing bandwidth consumption and costs
✓ Ensuring no lost email during local server outages
✓ Helping users protect their primary address with innovative tools
✓ Preventing volume-based email exploits
✓ Eliminating infrastructure upgrades that might otherwise be required
✓ Holding inbound email automatically for later delivery.
✓ Incoming mail resumes as soon as local email server returns to operation
✓ Safeguarding prevents users from inadvertently sending out spam and viruses
✓ Avoiding blacklisting of production static IP addresses
✓ Ensuring delivery of wanted email to avoid false positives
✓ Safe and reliable “Unsubscribe.”

The Reflexion family of first class solutions is offered in the following packages:

Reflexion Total Control

Reflexion Total Control (RTC)

This managed email threat protection service offers you significant advantages over onsite appliances and locally deployed software. Reflexion Total Control (RTC) implements an innovative address-based defense to augment traditional email security and spam-blocking methods.

Reflexion RADAR


This hosted email archiving service operates with your existing IT network to ensure protection, preservation, and continuous operation of email communication for your business. RADAR users have on-demand email access anywhere, anytime.

Reflexion Email Encryption

With increased regulatory pressures, identity theft, and highly publicized security breaches, it is extremely evident that email encryption is an important piece of the security puzzle. Companies that do not encrypt emails containing sensitive information are at risk now more than ever.

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